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'I'm Not Going to Do What I've Been Doing' Is All Right, All Right, All Right

I was listening to Matthew McConaughey the other day on a radio show called Ask Me Another talk about how he’s now a full professor at the University of Texas—and its Minister of Culture—and how his famous All right, All right, All right came to be. (It emerged while he was shooting Dazed and Confused when there were three things he liked.) But the real interesting part was when the host asked him how he changed his career arc from those Dazed and Confused and Texas Chainsaw Massacre days to the Oscar-winning role of Dallas Buyers Club and other strong roles like Mud and Wolf of Wall Street he’s had of late. “Here’s what I did. I guess it was right around [the film] Lincoln Lawyer. The only things that were really coming to me at that time were romantic comedies. So what I had to do was say, ‘I’m going to not do what I’ve been doing.’ I remember say ...