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'The Future Is Full of Possibilities' - Why Advice Is Better Than Feedback

A couple years ago, The New York Times issued an outstanding digital report on the goals they needed to strive for in this new age. One particular takeaway that stood out for me was this quote: "Our readers are hungry for advice from The Times. Too often, we don't offer it, or offer it only in print-centric forms. In the past, we might see a feature on yoga, running or meditation—who's doing it, what's it about. Today the Times believes that people want to know how, where and when to do it.” This can definitely translate to B2B. "We expect that the bigger opportunities are in providing guidance rather than traditional features," the report says. In covering their niches, reporters must think engagement and involvement. Knowing about investing, farm products or construction isn't enough anymore. There's enough data to tell a reader more—why they should care and how they can act. But it’s something in that first paragraph that flashed before me again l ...