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Reflect Your Audience, Brainstorm and Say it Loud to Come Up With Best Name

We were fortunate at a Tuesday networking dinner to be joined by Debbie Bates-Schrott, founder and CEO of—as of last Thursday—the newly named Beyond Definition (formerly Bates Creative). The process of choosing and implementing a new name took well over a year, she said. There were multiple reasons for it—emphasizing that they go "beyond" design is a primary one—but it was spurred by her taking on Mark DeVito as a partner.


Google's New Algorithm, Certification, Using Personas Will Be Trending at BIMS

"But beyond that, you just have to constantly experiment—there is no way to know what works. Should you write long, or short, post on a Monday or a Tuesday, I do not know. I can't even work out how to game the algorithm and I work here. But I do know if you think you have got it, it will change almost instantly. You have to keep throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks..."