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'We Are Thinking Differently'; Crisis Mode May Mean Innovation Mode

Our condo association told us that we have to get our dryer vents cleaned out this year. A neighbor put up a sign recommending we call this company for a group rate. So I called. They told me that the date they’ve set to come is Saturday, Oct. 24 because people can be home. I said, 'Maybe that was true in olden times (like 2019), but I know I’m tied to my laptop and condo Monday through Friday and try to get away a bit on Saturdays, so that wouldn’t work. How about another day?'”   “Well, we barely have anyone signed up that day so I don’t think so—we need to fill that day first.” Argghh.    The pandemic has brought on circumstances that require we change many of the ways and habits we have become accustomed to or to innovate and start a new habit. Here are positive examples that I’ve seen.   Double down on content. When the pandemic hit, Morning Brew launched a guide telling readers how best to w ...


Content, Access and Goal Branding Bringing These Groups New Revenue

Just to prove that there are some, ahem, creative marketing people out there, listen to this. The Oakland A’s baseball team is offering A’s Access fan members lifelike cutouts for $49 to be placed in the stands at the home games. Now if you want to have your cutout in the Foul Ball Zone, you'll have to pay up to $149. But… if a foul ball hits the cutout with your face on it, the team sends you that foul ball. And two tickets to an exhibition game next year. How do you know that's the actual ball?


Morning Brew's Referral Program Gets New Subscribers Percolating

"Our landing pages are designed to be minimalist and straightforward. You either sign up or you don't.... We use Google Optimize to test every aspect of our landing page, and that's especially important for optimizing incoming traffic from our referral program. We split our testing audiences into two main cohorts: referrals via email invites and all other referrals."