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The Importance of Our Andy McLaughlin Rising Star Award

I had the wonderful experience of interviewing our four Andy McLaughlin Rising Star Award finalists last year. Simone Bunsen, marketing manager, Chief Executive Group, told me about the time they made a small mistake in a personalized email. Did they fret? No. Instead, they sent out a corrected version, apologized and offered $100 off registration to an upcoming event. "And surprisingly," she said, "we did really well on that email! I think the lesson is to own up to any automation or marketing mistakes. It gives your brand an opportunity to show its human side."


SIPA Rising Star: Simone Bunsen From Chief Executive Group

Simone Bunsen, marketing and events manager, Chief Executive Group, was honored recently at SIPA Annual 2019 as a finalist for our Andy McLaughlin Rising Star Award. In this Q&A, she reveals the challenges of serving CEOs and how a slight oops can lead to a big victory. SIPA: Can you tell us about Chief Executive Group? Simone Bunsen: We’re a small company that makes a big impact by bringing CEOs and public company board members together to share ideas and case studies that ultimately drive good governance, innovation and prosperity for American businesses. We accomplish this by providing real-world best practices, insightful analysis and meaningful peer interactions at our events. CEOs and board members trust us to tell their stories, share their experiences and inspire other business leaders. What is your role at Chief Executive Group? Chief Executive magazine and Corporate Board Member ma ...