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3 Ways Bloomberg's TicToc Is Redefining News and Delivering 76M Monthly Views

Your audience is attending an event or busy in their workday. How do you connect with them? According to Jean Ellen Cowgill, global head of digital strategy and business development for Bloomberg Media and general manager of TicToc by Bloomberg, you give them “key frames” and “side frames” that humanize their news and play on their Fear of Missing Out.  


Your Content Needs This, Suggests a Bloomberg Digital Strategist

"Prior to being at Bloomberg, I branded the consulting arm of The Atlantic. One of biggest trends that I saw [with my clients] is the undervaluing and an underinvestment—no matter the size of the organization—in thinking about content packaging and content delivery. If you only have 100 pennies to work with, putting 99 of them toward content creation and one toward thinking about how you package and deliver it is not a smart strategy, especially for organizations with smaller budgets."