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Communication Is Key for Better Sales and Marketing Alignment

“There’s room for improvement when it comes to sales and marketing alignment. Communication here is key, and marketers need to step up and better communicate with sales on ideal customer profiles and buyer’s journey pain points. Schedule more frequent check-ins so that your content is timely to prospects, even anticipating their upcoming hurdles.” That’s from the 2019 Content Fitness Report from Heinz Marketing and PAN Communications. Their study of content marketing departments found that less than 50% of marketing and sales teams communicate regularly, with only 33% truly aligning their efforts. Ryan Vincent, director of media sales, EHS, Simplify Compliance, also hit on this in his session at SIPA 2019. “Sales working with your marketing and editorial teams should be an integral part of our success. You have to bring the teams together so you're all on the same page. You must collaborate and then develop solutions." He listed 5 ways t ...