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One-Question Surveys Are Latest Way Publishers Can Get More Feedback

One-question surveys, in the style of the Net Promoter Score, are becoming a trend with some of the bigger publishers today—especially in regards to their content. Digiday reports that Business Insider Prime members are asked how "valuable" the article was. The Athletic readers are queried, "What did you think of this story?" And a couple years ago, Mic readers saw a widget at the bottom of the article that asked, "Was this story worth your time?"


Asking for Feedback Is a Start; Acting on it Is What Validates the Process

"The majority of employee experience or engagement surveys I've experienced, whether built in-house or from a vendor, become a laundry list of questions. Every leader has a pet initiative to measure, making the survey bloated and impossible to act on. When deciding on survey items (or eliminating others), ask yourself: What would we do immediately if this item scored low? If it's not actionable, it's not measuring something that matters."