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New Report on Event Marketing Urges Story, Phoning and an Event Cap

One interesting note about the new event called Dished that Aging Media Network sold out in 2018 and again in 2019 is that they capped attendance at 150. Now that probably had the most to do with their venue—The Boelter Center in Chicago's River West neighborhood. Owned by Boelter Foodservice Design & Equipment, it was selected based on its unique setting and elements including a demonstration kitchen and catering program.


How Aging Media Network Sold Out a New Event in Just 90 Days

There's probably a course out there somewhere you can take called Event Launching 101 for Publishers. But even better, you can follow Aging Media Network's prime event example called Dished. The first one-day event took place in March 2018, sold out its 150-person capacity in 90 days and just won a 2019 SIPAward for Best New Success Story. Year two this past March sold out even faster, Elizabeth Ecker, director of content for Aging Media Network, told me this week.