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How Politico Pro Has Soared (and a Couple of Its Potholes)

At the opening keynote for SIPA 2019 last month, Danica Stanciu, a vice president at Politico, spoke about Politico Pro, a policy intelligence platform designed for pros on the frontlines of policy that they launched in 2011. It now reaches 4,000 subscribing organizations and 25,000-plus individual subscribers—and accounts for 60% of Politico's revenue.


Personalized Video Can Boost Sign-Ups and Provide Valuable Content

"For our annual quality management conference, we successfully tested a new form of advertising: We sent a personal video to the participants of the last two years who had not yet registered," Arno Langbehn, CEO of Behr's GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, told me recently. "The result was 30 videos sent, three registrations and $6,000 in revenue from these former participants. The time expenditure in total was two hours."