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Be Nimble, Adjust and Think 'Small,' Media Experts Advise for 2020

"Publishers [need to] return to the key question: 'How does your product grow?' It's one of the most important questions to be able to answer. Growth is necessary for the very existence of most products and services, and it serves as evidence that you have a compelling proposition—especially if growth is driven by both new and loyal returning readers."


Publishing Insiders Offer 2019 Predictions

"The shift towards storytelling as a product-development process will take some convincing. Media companies are skeptical of tech culture, and for good reason. 'Move fast and break things' isn't a suitable mantra for an industry with a civic responsibility to get the details right. But we will learn to take the parts of tech methodologies that work for us, and ditch the parts that don't. In the end, we will have created something entirely our own."