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Can You Answer These Four Questions About Your Content?

I watched my first live news discussion this week on Instagram—it was excellent—and then found out that I was a bit behind the times. "Another big change in the last few years has been the growth of Instagram which popularized visual formats like 'stories' and short videos via IGTV," says the publisher-insightful Reuters Digital News Report, just out last week.   "Instagram now reaches more than a third of all people (36%) weekly and two-thirds of under-25s (64%). Instagram reaches 11% across age groups, almost as many as use Twitter for news."   Fortunately for my ego, the report does still verify one thing: "Overall, the most important factor for those who subscribe is the distinctiveness and quality of the content. Subscribers believe they are getting better information."   The Reuters report is 112 pages but we have distilled it here to four key questions:   1. Are you emailing eno ...


Doing a Podcast Is Great. Creating Marketing Synergy for It Even Better.

"I feel like [synergy in an organization or company] is overlooked a lot when it comes to marketing podcasts," Blake Althen of podcast-producing company Human Factor told me recently. "At least with organizations I've done work for, the magazine/newsletter department might be doing their thing, the email people might be doing their thing and the events people are doing their thing, but there's not a lot of synergy. And we tried to close that gap and have done it really well.