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Northstar Travel Group Launches Studio 90

SECAUCUS, NJ (November 20, 2018) - Northstar Travel Group ("Northstar") announced the launch of Northstar Studio 90, a digital strategy team and content marketing team focused on delivering outstanding business performance for their clients' marketing investments.   As the market leader, Northstar delivers unrivaled reach and scale across the travel and meetings industries allowing Northstar Studio 90 to tap directly into the company's proprietary audience data and content expertise to fuel successful integrated marketing strategies on behalf of their clients. Matt Yorke, Chief Digital Officer is the driving force behind Northstar's ongoing strategic digital transformation. As well as reorganizing the existing teams and processes to deliver on this vision, Northstar recently recruited as the head of the marketing services initiative Jeremy Rueb, Vice President, Northstar Studio 90. Jeremy previously spent 11 years at IDG Communications where he built the company's first gl ...