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Redesigning Your Days to Be More Productive

I run a couple local Meetup groups for the arts and volunteering here in the Washington, D.C. area. One is quite large and the other much smaller, so naturally I spend much of my free time on the larger one. A woman named Nikki messaged me last weekend and said she noticed there isn't much activity on the smaller one. Could she help?


First Day of BIMS Highlights Roads to Better Outreach and Engagement

AAA has roadside help, travel agency services, insurance and other amenities for its members. But they felt it important that their members engage more with them, and thus a content strategy was born. So they partnered with longtime SIPA member Mequoda to develop that strategy, convincing their CEO that, yes, a daily email with strong, relatable content, is the right road to take (traffic and all).   More than 8 million 2018 page views and 1.3 million users later, they feel pretty comfortable about that strategy. And after Day 1 of SIIA's 5th annual and counting Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) in even warmer-than-usual Fort Lauderdale, publishing and media folks are equally comfortable with this solutions-oriented conference.   AAA Northeast represents a newer type of SIPA member—most niche publishers started with great content and branched out from there—but they depend, like others, on analytics and testing. &nbs ...