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Publishers Adapt to Short Attention Spans With These Quick Takes

Short can still be sweet. We've talked here about Spidell's California Minute podcast that's 3-5 minutes long and brings in many new subscribers (partly by allowing only subscribers to get transcripts). "We're finding that the education is what [our audience] wants," said Spidell president Lynn Freer. And short snippets can work better for some.


'People Want Information in All Formats and Lengths' - Vary Your Webinars, Riddle Advises

"When a sponsor does a webinar, we'll repurpose that information in multiple ways. There's live, then we'll post the video, then take out excerpts, breaking it down into 7-minute chunks. We can do repurposing in multiple platforms. There are also nice tools out now to get a transcript off voice recognition... We do analytics on who attends. What topics did they go to? How long did they sit in? Do they leave early? Some might bail when it's not of interest."


SIPA Annual Speakers Set Their Sights on Revenue

It's amazing that by just spending time at SIPA Annual 2019: Make More Money, June 3-5 in Washington D.C., you can hear how to lift event attendance by 50%, increase webinar dollars, launch new products, start a high-end membership model, sell corporate licenses, use data to drive growth, and get an update on every legal issue facing you.