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DLS Preparation Kit (Beard Not Included) by John Ikel - guest blogger

In case you are not aware, the Data Licensing Specialist exam (DLS) is a comprehensive, industry-wide exam designed to test in the broadest sense every facet of data licensing across the industry. I mention this because it is incredibly important that anyone planning to sit the exam understand that it is “industry-wide”. I am aware of people with decades in the industry who failed it first time because their experience wasn’t as wide as they felt it was. It’s very important that anyone looking to sit the exam fully understand and appreciate that if you haven’t worked both sell-side and buy-side; had to deal with exchanges, indices, fixings & benchmarks, ratings, platform providers; had exposure to data governance scenarios end-to-end, licensing models, “what if” scenario analysis on data flows across the enterprise etc. well then you might not pass. The exam has a very high pass mark and the questions are tough for a reason; this exam is an ... more