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The 'Shoe-In' Podcast Shows This Channel's Huge Potential 

Matt Priest, president and CEO of Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America, would attend events throughout the world and have entertaining, informative, off-the-cuff talks with cool people in the industry. It made him think. “If we can just take these conversations we’re having with executives and bring them to other people who aren’t CEOs, we would have something special.” Thus the Shoe-In podcast came to be. More than 100 episodes later, and the weekly "shoe" is going stronger than ever. Described as “covering the ins and outs of all things footwear, from sneakers to heels, loafers to slippers and every type of shoe in between," it’s hosted by Priest and a longtime friend. “My host is a little off the walls,” Priest said. “Who knew two suits from D.C. could be so funny?” Though he admits to it being “a little out of my comfort zone,” Priest also said it’s “a huge creative out ...