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Best Practices for Ensuring That You Have a Good Webinar Speaker

"What are your 'best practices' for making a good webinar presentation more likely?" Jennifer Brown of Strafford Publications Inc. asked earlier this month on the SIPA Forum. She received so many great answers that I thought it worth putting them in one space. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Test out. When we hire internally, we go through rigorous “working interviews” whereby they are put through a gauntlet to produce what their credentials say. Many times this works both in their favor and against. Some folks we were on the fence about blew us out of the water, while others that we were really in love with fell flat. Have a moderator who can interrupt, ask questions, and generally try to keep things on track. Ask for the speaker’s ratings from prior sessions. Everyone does them and most organizations share them with the speakers. The flaw in this issue is that the speaker would hopefully have enough sense not to share a poor review. However, wh ...