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Spotlighting Younger People Could Pay Off in Many Ways

At SIPA Annual 2018, Diane Schwartz, SVP and group publisher, and Greg Dool, senior editor—both from Access Intelligence—led a session titled Pivoting Your Editorial Team to Use Data. Dool graduated from Villanova in 2013 and now writes excellent articles for Folio:. Pairing a younger person with an experienced leader to deliver a session is a great way to showcase and involve young talent. (I will report on this session in the near future.)    The Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance spotlights their young members through Q&A-style interviews, published online in its LEAP Spotlights series. This type of quick-question Q&A—"How did you decide to go into accounting?" "In high school I took an accounting class. Debits and credits just made sense to me!"—is pretty easy to do and enticing to read. Many of their Q&As feature volunteers who serve on AFWA's LEAP Council, which develops programs and initiatives targeted t ...