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How GEMG Grew Nextgov Page Views by 40% and Won a SIPAward

"You have to understand the needs of your audience and what they want from you, and then design an experience that takes them along that continuum," website design expert Layla Masri, president of Bean Creative, said last year in a presentation. "Useability is about reducing friction. It doesn't mean you have to have the shortest text, it's just that you always have to take your viewers' needs into mind."


A More Efficient Website Nets MIND More Views, Traffic and a SIPAward

When your mission is "to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems," what can be more effective than a webpage of video "profiles" of schools that have benefited from your program? I clicked on Marlboro, N.J., a town next to where I grew up, and watched a 1:46 minute testimonial of school officials praising MIND Research Institute's ST Math Program.