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New Report Gives Marketers More Data on How to Best Reach Audiences

I still clearly recall Tracy Samantha Schmidt, principal of Socially Authentic, telling us last year that she has had great success—an over-50% open rate—with a Sunday night "memo" that goes to executives. "It takes two-minutes to read and we really think value. CEOs are thinking about work at 7 pm on Sunday. I'm totally against putting everything on social media at 9 am Monday morning."


How to achieve scalable monetization & incremental revenue without investing a single penny in technology

NetLine, via its Publisher Lead Generation Platform, is a leader at helping B2B publishers and content studios drive incremental revenue growth via content syndication campaigns that yield leads. With self-serve solutions and unparalleled real-time dynamic reporting, publishers can quickly launch and optimize campaigns while instantly accessing lead and content consumption insights. When needed, and within a few clicks, publishers can tap into incremental scale and fill difficult to execute client campaigns. Simply on-demand access to the largest B2B lead gen platform on the web. NetLine’s global, multi-channel network consists of more than 15,000 website properties and reaches a diverse audience of more than 125 million business professionals a month, across more than 300 industry sectors. NetLine Corporation, founded in 1994, is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California.