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Google Announces Billion Dollar Investment in Career Tech Ed

The 21st Century job landscape so far has been characterized by the rise in high-tech jobs to support the digital landscape.  The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that there are currently over six million job openings in the United States due to the lack of applicants that possess necessary technical skills.  With the increase in this type of job availability and the advent of automation, supporting career and technical education are becoming more important than ever. Just last week, Google announced its new initiative called “Grow with Google” where it will spend $1 billion in grants to nonprofits who will train American workers and also help to grow American businesses.  This announcement came in Pittsburgh, historic for its center as a manufacturing hub, showing its evolution into a major tech hub in the rust belt. The billion dollars in grants will mainly support high-tech jobs in an effort to train workers to meet the skill requirements necessar ...


GSA and Adobe Agree on Government-Wide Solution to Advance Data-Centric Security

With rapidly evolving cyber threats, cybersecurity is an ongoing priority for the U.S. Government. In a major announcement this week, the General Services Administration (GSA) hailed a new, government-wide enterprise software acquisition agreement for best-in-class, data-centric security, and electronic signature solutions with Adobe. The agreement will help agencies better meet compliance requirements with current information security and electronic government policy recommendations, and it is focused on driving strategic IT resourcing across the government. In the wake of the high-profile hack of federal IT systems and the theft of data on millions of Americans last year, SIIA hosted an event on Capitol Hill featuring Members of Congress, Hill staff, and industry who all discussed how data-centric security measures could be used to better protect federal information and information systems.  This announcement demonstrates that the Government recognizes the need to implement c ...


SIIA, Industry, and Hill Community Discuss Data-Centric Security Solutions in Protecting Federal Information and Information Systems

On Tuesday, November 17th, SIIA hosted an event on Capitol Hill that featured Members of Congress, Hill Staff, and Industry who were all charged with the task of explaining how data-centric security measures could be used to protect federal information and information systems.  In light of recent attacks on federal IT systems and the data theft of millions of Americans, this subject is of heavy importance for citizens and national security.