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Turning Your Virtual Event Into an Ongoing Series Has its Benefits

In a post on Skift’s Event Manager Blog today, Julius Solaris writes that we need a better business model for virtual events. “[These events] need to help brands keep the conversation alive while bringing in revenue. We risk losing track of the endgame if we get sucked into the vortex of free events without a solid business proposition for what we are doing.”   He gives six suggestions: 1. Decide whether you are a conference or a tradeshow. 2. Use a subscription model for ticketed events. 3. Build a community. 4. Reward live attendance. 5. Offer better content on demand. 6. Offer one-to-one meetings and networking.   Number two intrigues me. “One of the best ideas for ticketed events that happen regularly is to bundle them and offer subscriptions," Solaris writes. "As Netflix does with shows, planners should deal with events. Bundling creates more value than selling tickets for individual events.”   This strat ...


Event Planning Should Go Beyond Just Time and Place, Study Urges

Walking into the theater the other night for the play Translations by the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, we were greeted by the liveliest of Irish music. It transported me back to County Clare or Galway where I've been fortunate enough to visit. Another woman started step dancing in tune. In fact, everyone seemed to enter the theater with an extra lilt in their gait.