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Custom Content, Webcasts and Video Can Be Prime Areas for Sponsors

Sponsorships can come in many ways, from events and coffee mugs to podcasts and custom content. With event registration revenue dropping so significantly this year, the importance of attaining sponsorships only amplifies—not just for events but for all those other areas as well.   Here are six successful examples of sponsorships in other areas of the publishing business.   The Skimm – in-content mentions. “Feeling stuck in a rut?” today’s Daily Skimm asks at the bottom. “Same. So we partnered with Mentos Pure Fresh Gum to bring you some ways to shake things up. Because Mentos is all about fresh ideas, fresh breath, and fresh perspectives. This week, we're talking about refreshing your WFH video calls.” They go on to list three bullets: Check your lighting; reserve your space; and take breaks. “Science says breaks improve productivity. So actively schedule time to refresh between video calls. Then make the ...


Video Tips from Ragan, HBR and Malone Media

"It's an expert in front of a whiteboard, schoolroom style," explained Maureen Hoch, editor of Harvard Business Review's, about their successful forays into Facebook Live, at a summit this week in Berlin. (The quotes come from an article on FIPP.)