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B2B Marketers Are Not Relying Enough on Data and That's a Problem

According to TheB2B Data Activation Priority—a recently released study conducted by Forrester Consulting for Dun & Bradstreet—only 52% of B2B marketers base decisions on data rather than on personal intuition and experience. Much of this stems from a lack of confidence in and access to the data they might have, because only 49% have data that they fully trust to be complete and accurate.


SIPAward Winner Shines Light on Role of Data-Driven Journalism

"This data-driven story was the result of a five-month effort tracking the political contributions made by senior executives at 39 private equity (PE) firms. The goal was to create an interactive database that would allow our readers to analyze how candidates' voting records and public positions on issues such as financial industry regulation influence campaign contributions from PE professionals."