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Complying with New Google Chrome Ad Standards Not a Problem But Understanding Business Impact Could Be

Starting on Feb. 15, Google's Chrome browser will no longer show ads on websites that are in violation of guidelines created by the Coalition for Better Ads. On Jan. 18 from 11am to 12:30pm, Connectiv’s Digital Media Council will host a meeting in which all Connectiv members are invited to join a discussion about how publishers are preparing for the changes (we’re also working to have representatives from Google and the Coalition on hand to field general questions about the new guidelines). To join the discussion on Jan. 18, e-mail Geri FitzGerald at


Google Builds on Industry-Driven Ad Standards to Improve User Experience and Content Creation

Online advertising is an increasingly important source of revenue for online content creators, who include professional journalists to web developers to bloggers and provide tremendous value to the Internet ecosystem. To remain afloat, these content creators rely on effective online advertising in order to continue to provide their service or business.