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8 Retention Strategies From Publishers Small and Large

I just decided not to renew a certain subscription that I had to a cultural institution. In their last letter to me, they said here's what you'll be missing and listed a few benefits. That makes sense—I recall Jim Sinkinson telling us to remind subscribers of what they would be losing if they don't renew. "Great renewal copy threatens a loss—of security, well-being, opportunity, or all three."


Renewal Drivers From CQ Roll Call and Brief Media

"You have to be proactive and anticipate what a client wants even before they know they want it," Kristina Dorsey, client director at CQ Roll Call, told us at a Customer Onboarding and Retention event earlier this year. "It's about making sure that our clients are educated on our value proposition, and know that we're the only one doing this—legislative tracking, advocacy, and news and analysis—as well as keeping up with what's going on with the market."