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Day 3 of BIMS Tackles AI, Editorial Trust and Marketing's Three C's

“One of the things that has struck me is how comfortable publishers are getting with data now,” said Russell Perkins, founder and president of InfoCommerce Group. “Media companies are pushing with different levels of intensity, seeing the potential of it. [Opening keynote speaker] Debra Walton said she is seeing that on a smaller scale now, data products becoming important to customers. ‘You’ve got to keep up with us.’ “Data publishers are getting much more sophisticated. It used to be predictive analytics, now the next big thing is prescriptive analytics. 'We’re going to tell you what to do.' Data products are becoming increasingly central to customers.” A hallmark of the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), which concluded yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, has been that it tells more about where the industry is going rather than where it has been. And BIMS 3.0 felt no different this week. The final morning wa ...