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A Recognition Website, Compensation Survey and Quiz Bring in Revenue

"Start communicating to replace the information flow. You could take some of the seminars that were going to be presented at the show, the educational tracks, get them videotaped and release them drop by drop throughout the course of the year, and have people who would have been buying booths sponsor them through your media."   That quote comes from an article last week by media consultants John French and Jim Elliott titled A World Without Trade Shows. There have been a lot of suggestions the last couple weeks on how best to replace revenue from events in the upcoming months, and we will be focusing on many of those here.   Here are three ideas—two directly bring in revenue and one brings in leads that lead to revenue (pitching a Writers Guidebook and, commendably in 2018, a book on crisis management):   Recognition initiative. Putman Media puts on an annual Influential Women in Manufacturing Program. The 2018 version won a ...


The Benefits of Video Testimonials - and a Little Spontaneity

I once had a job writing scripts for a daily 90-second radio show for Joe Gibbs, the nice-as-can-be, Hall of Fame coach of the Washington Redskins. He did not enjoy recording it and felt more comfortable reading from a script. I had gotten to know how he spoke so I could add in the "heys" and "for you fans" and more of his favorite sayings. But still I did cringe when my morning alarm would ring and I would hear him stiffly reading my lines.


Coleman Report's Ultra Lead-Generating Live Weekly Show

It's 1 pm on Thursday and that means time for the Coleman Report Live. (Cue the music.) "It's Feb. 21, and we're coming to you live with a special edition," announces Bob Coleman, dapper in the top left corner of the screen with his crisp shirt and tie. "Lance Sexton is also joining us, and Jason—I apologize Jason, I'm going to let you pronounce your last name."