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Ready for A New Standard in Data Privacy Requirements: Four Steps to Ensure Your Solution is Compliant and How ETIN Can Help

“. . . as education companies we can't just come up with a great product, show it to teachers, and expect to be successful. Our products and services have to help decision makers with their state and federal compliance and intricately defined funding requirements if we are going to be successful. If we don’t know what these are, we can’t get our products accepted.”  — Mitch Weisburgh, Managing Partner, Academic Business Advisors


SIPAward Winner Shines Light on Role of Data-Driven Journalism

"This data-driven story was the result of a five-month effort tracking the political contributions made by senior executives at 39 private equity (PE) firms. The goal was to create an interactive database that would allow our readers to analyze how candidates' voting records and public positions on issues such as financial industry regulation influence campaign contributions from PE professionals."


Argosy's Free Webinars Lead to Wave of New Subscribers and a SIPAward

When you see numbers like a "1,000% increase in conversions from prospects to subscribers over the previous year" and a "27.27% trial-to-sale conversion rate," you take notice. So let's see what led to these amazing numbers for Argosy Group's Regulatory Compliance Watch Webinars in 2016—a campaign that earned the Simplify Compliance business unit a Third Place 2017 SIPAward for Best Lead Generation Program.