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'The Best Times to Be a Storyteller' - 2020 Report Offers Ways to Tell it Best

Last week at BIMS—after speaking for 30-plus minutes about the vital nature of digital design and the reading revolution that digital has thrust upon us—Mario Garcia, a Columbia professor and author of the new book, The Story, closed his well-received keynote by saying: "The takeaway is if you have a good story, people will stay with you... I don't sit here and lament what was. I celebrate what is. These are the best times to be a storyteller, but you have to explore all that is there."


Experts Urge Us to Get Well Out of Our Boxes to Foster Innovation

Don't wait for the customer to tell you when they need something new, urged Bill Fischer, professor of innovation management at IMD, and co-director of the IMD-MIT/Sloan Driving Strategic Innovation Program, in an article on last year. He finds that few companies are "really up-to-date with their customers' needs" and even less familiar with their customer journey.


SIPA 2018 Speakers Weigh in on Digital Revenue and Growth

The SIPA Annual 2018 Conference, which begins three weeks and a day from today on Tuesday, June 5, is designed to elaborate on the digital opportunities and to encourage innovation to help publishers monetize and grow. The list of industry people who are attending is impressive, and there will be plenty of time for networking and picking some knowledgeable brains.