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Leveraging Events for Face-to-Face Feedback

"I know clients putting together conferences, and they haven't talked to [their audience]," Diane Arseneau, CEO of Zagora, told me last month. "They say they know what people want, but I wouldn't put on a program without having heard from the market. It takes time."


Day 2 of BIMS Features High-Flying Success Stories and More Revenue Ideas

Diane Arseneau, CEO of SIPA member Zagora, was ahead of her time. Back in 2008—when silos still stood tall and “publisher events” still was not an everyday phrase—she went to TC Media, publisher of the Montreal newspaper Les Affaires, and proposed an events division.  They agreed, and four years later Arseneau came up with the idea of renting a plane for a traveling “conference” for entrepreneurial Canadian miners to venture 2600 kilometers north in Quebec. “Let’s try something different,” she recalled saying yesterday while presenting a session at Day 2 of SIIA’s Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) in Fort Lauderdale. Only the word “completely” was missing from this over-the-top idea that would have given it a Monty Pythonish, fantasy feel. But Arseneau showed us the video! And we watched entrepreneurs bonding on frozen runways with layers of clothing, regaling in the ...