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Leveraging the 10 Most-Read Types of Email Campaigns

When you land on a Fast Company story, you get the date, the headline, the subhead, a photo, a byline and—next to the byline—how long a read the article will be. I'm looking at one now titled, Before We Reinvent the Economy, We Must Reinvent Ourselves, and it is listed as an "8 minute read." Surveys will often do this as well. "This will take you under 6 minutes to fill out."   In both cases, it does seem to boost engagement. Our schedule is so booked these days that knowing how long something takes helps us plan. The caveat here is to be honest. Say 5 minutes and grab 10, and readers won't be happy.    A report on the performance of 10 types of email campaigns from email marketing company Return Path, titled 2018 Email Marketing Lookbook, confirms that people do pay attention to emails asking for feedback. They generate a 19% read rate. Here are other takeaways from that report:   Take advantage of post-purchase messages.  ...


9 Ways Your Email Content Can Lead to More Conversions

"By taking a very conversational approach to my emails, I'll get dozens of replies to my weekly updates," said Ryan Robinson, a marketing consultant, in a post from the email marketing company Delivra. They asked 20 experts Their Best Advice on Engaging Email That Converts. "By building that genuine connection over weeks and months, without constantly blasting hardcore sales emails their way, I'm able to capture their true attention..."