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AI Spotlight: Fighting Cancer with Machine Learning and Precision Medicine

According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2016, there were 1,685,210 newly diagnosed cases of cancer in America with 595,690 deaths.  With such staggering numbers, millions of dollars are poured into research into how to fight and treat cancer.  One of the newer innovations in cancer treatment is the increased use of machine learning and precision medicine.  Precision medicine is the act of specifically tailoring a patient’s treatment to his or her own genetic needs.  To do this, machine learning helps doctors provide the best care possible by using predictive analytics to recommend specific treatments.  This week’s AI spotlight will focus on how the Swedish Cancer Institute is partnering with the company GNS Healthcare to use machine learning to better treat cancer patients. Machine learning has serious potential to aid in cancer treatment.  According to the Executive Director of the Swedish Cancer Institute, Thomas Brown, MD, it is ra ...