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Try Phone, Slack and Single Focus; Overcoming Your Zoom and Gloom

“I wanted to be the band on the Titanic,” comedian Paula Poundstone said in an article in The Washington Post this weekend about Zoom fatigue. She was posting almost daily bits and “Quarantine Corner” updates through April on Instagram but stopped by late May. “But the Titanic sank faster. It just occurred to me now that that’s what was wrong with my plan.”   Lesley Harris of was kind enough to email me last week suggesting this trending topic. Funny, because she was using Zoom before most of the rest of us—holding her SIPAward-winning 20-minute Zoom on Ins over lunchtime in 2019 and early 2020. As many as 450 people were registering for her sessions. holds many courses and certificate programs, so Zoom is a staple, but Harris is trying to mix it up.   “One thing I did in my last class this spring was a Slack Live Chat…similar to a ...


'Zoom On Ins' Help Get the Words Out and People in

An email went out on the SIPA Discussion Forum last week asking if anyone was doing a successful referral or subscriber campaign. "We're in a small, niche industry, our subscribers love the product, but we're still not well known and have about a third of the subscribers we want. I'm thinking that with a reward that's exciting enough (both for the referring subscriber and the new one) we could get an outstanding response."