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In Challenging Times, Quizzes Seem to Be a Challenge People Like Taking on

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the successful quizzes that Lessiter Media is doing—an initiative they started well before the pandemic hit. For one, they received a few thousand submissions with almost 2,000 new email addresses; more than 120 new subscribers emerged from the list of quiz takers.   This week I came across a quiz from a publisher in the UK that ties into the pandemic. The Investment Week Virtual Quiz 2020 was designed to help "heroic frontline NHS [National Health Service] staff tackling the coronavirus crisis." Today at 4 pm their time they held the live quiz "hosted by a special industry guest." Participants were sent a link and also could dial in to a video/audio call. They would even show a leaderboard in real-time so the winner can be revealed instantly.   To take part they asked people to choose a donation fee with all proceeds going to CASCAID's NHS fundraising campaign (minimum donation was £15).   Coinciden ...


Doing a Podcast Is Great. Creating Marketing Synergy for It Even Better.

"I feel like [synergy in an organization or company] is overlooked a lot when it comes to marketing podcasts," Blake Althen of podcast-producing company Human Factor told me recently. "At least with organizations I've done work for, the magazine/newsletter department might be doing their thing, the email people might be doing their thing and the events people are doing their thing, but there's not a lot of synergy. And we tried to close that gap and have done it really well.


10 Marketing/Renewal Takeaways From SIPA Annual 2019

In a well-attended Pre-Con Workshop on Day One of SIPA Annual 2019, Arno Langbehn, CEO, B. Behr's Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, covered Steve Jobs—"It's not the customer's job to know what he wants"—superheroes (well, kind of, "The hero is the customer," Langbehn said)—Groundhog Day (the film and the idea of using the information that you know to sell)—and ponchos ($5 when dry, $20 when it's raining—strike when something's hot).