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AI Spotlight: RAVN Helps U.K. Government Detect Corruption; AI Technology Shows Opportunity in the Practice of Law

 Towards the conclusion of many legal investigations, lawyers typically find themselves mired in paperwork, documents that span several years if not decades of information pertaining to a specific issue.  Legal teams are then tasked with the seemingly insurmountable challenge of sifting through millions of these spreadsheets, emails, and other documents and sorting them into the necessary categories.  Not only is this process extremely inconvenient and inefficient, it is also incredibly costly and runs the risk of missing important information that is relevant to a case, information that could show that fraud has taken place. A few weeks ago, SIIA published an AI Spotlight on the benefits of FICO’s AML Threatscore tool which uses artificial intelligence to detect for irregular financial activities like money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud.  In that same vein, this week’s Spotlight is on AI technology that intuitively aids in the sifting an ...