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The Benefits of Using Data in the Content Creation Process

A couple years ago, a quote that really resonated with me came from The New York Times digital-first report: "At the [NYT] far too often for writers and editors the story is done when you hit publish. At Huffington Post, the article begins its life when you hit publish."   But today, articles are beginning life earlier than that. Time Inc. has cut down on many of their analytics tools to focus on just a few. Writes Sarah Sluis in a post on the site AdExchanger: "[] moves data-based decision-making earlier into the creative process. In the past, the audience team would focus on promoting articles once they were produced. But [this] provides both real-time and historical data about article performance that editors can use to shape a direction of a story.   "We are a much more performance-driven culture than we have ever been before," said Time Inc. editorial director Will Lee. "You can see it on their screens, on what people are showing each other on their mobile de ...


Google Builds on Industry-Driven Ad Standards to Improve User Experience and Content Creation

Online advertising is an increasingly important source of revenue for online content creators, who include professional journalists to web developers to bloggers and provide tremendous value to the Internet ecosystem. To remain afloat, these content creators rely on effective online advertising in order to continue to provide their service or business.