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Instantly Gauging an Attendee's Feelings May Be Next Big Thing

We just finished our SIPA Annual 2017 Conference, and now we’re looking over surveys to see what we can do better, what attendees liked and didn’t like. But in a couple years such a process may be “so early 2000s”—the act of having attendees fill out the surveys, then our gathering and compiling them, and determining if they’re timely enough, etc. What if we could know on-site at our events how people are feeling and be able to make immediate adjustments that could increase the value of their experience? That time may soon be here. According to a post on EventManagerBlog, Facebook has recently been granted a patent that, if realized, would allow them to track the emotion of its users and modify message content based on that emotional input. “The resulting modifications could range from choosing an appropriate emoticon to adjusting text size. The patent application lists methods of predicting emotion using relativ ...