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Tips on Send Times and Subject Lines From Informz Study

It used to be that midweek, early mornings were considered the best times to send emails, but as mobile keeps growing, this just isn't the case anymore. The 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report put out by SIPA member Informz reports that late afternoon is now the best time. And nighttime wasn't far behind. Their open rates were both 14% higher than emails sent first thing in the morning.


Automation May Be Best Way to Fight Email Fatigue, New Report Says

A new Email Marketing Benchmark Report from SIPA member Informz says that marketing automation offers a way to take a more targeted approach to email campaigns. While the report focuses on association audiences, there are important analytics that can be gleaned for publishers as well. “The uptick in engagement when using marketing automation can be directly attributed to perfecting the timing and relevancy of their messages,” said Joe Tyler, CEO and president of Informz, in a statement with the report. “Automated campaigns are the perfect vehicle for delivering content at precise times based on members’ behaviors, exactly when they’re looking for it, therefore eliminating concerns about email fatigue.” They offer two examples: A marketing automation campaign targeting website visitors and abandoned event registrations increased event registration by 25% and drove $19,000 in revenue. A marketing automation campaign targeting ...