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With the Right Touches, Virtual Events Can Be Very Sponsor-Friendly

You've converted one of your premier events to a virtual event. How do you keep your sponsors? Do you adjust their pricing? Change the time period? Give more guarantees?   The Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University had their Collaborative Journalism Summit set for Charlotte, N.C. on May 14–15. Then, of course, they had to go virtual. "We let our sponsors know that several of their packages would have to change since we weren't hosting in person," they wrote on NiemanLab. "Every confirmed sponsor stuck with us, even our North Carolina-based sponsors—a testament to their commitment to collaborative journalism and knowledge sharing. The new sponsorship package included showing on-screen sponsor slides and messaging during the conference, and sharing links in the chat."   But in the end, they said that if they do another virtual conference, they would do some things differently. "[We would] completely recreate sponsor packages. We mostly f ...