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As Paywalls Proliferate, Quality Journalism and Marketing Must Follow

In news just yesterday, Bloomberg and Vanity Fair were both reported to be moving to paywalls. Vanity Fair will offer three free articles a month, then readers will be required to subscribe for $19.99 a year for either digital-only or print plus digital, Digiday reported. They'll add a searchable archive of its articles, a subscriber-only newsletter and possibly even access to its writers and editors—the latter being the trend of the year, it seems like. (Read my recent article on that.)


Focus on Your 'Whales' and Craft Value Proposition, Ristagno Advises

Rob Ristagno, CEO, Sterling Woods Group, admits that he likes game shows. So during the session—Content Marketing for Content Businesses—that he conducted at BIMS in November, Ristagno posted 10 choices on the screen and asked his audience, "Which of the following are problems your content can solve?"