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Helpful Crisis Resources From SIPA Members

"If your small business has received approval for a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), congratulations on obtaining aid to help get your business and your employees through the shutdown measures needed to stop the spread of COVID-19," writes Bruce Brumberg of longtime SIPA member, in an article titled You Got Your Paycheck Protection Program Loan. Now What? Advice From Small-Business Lawyers.   "However, you need to use the loan carefully. First, you want to maximize the feature that makes the PPP loan forgivable. Second, you want to use the loan properly so that you stay out of legal trouble for any potential abuse of the program."   Brumberg's article, along with his previous post—How to Avoid Going to Prison for Your Payroll Protection Program Loan: Advice From Former Federal Prosecutors—both appear on the Forbes website. They are just a couple of the many great resources that SIPA members are p ...


August SIPA Member News

Welcome New Members We are excited to welcome the following new member to the SIPA community: GBGB Media The Passing of Dr. Eugster: A Life Well Lived Thanks to Ed Coburn for sending us the following: “Dr. Charles Eugster died on April 26, 2017, at the age of 97. Dr. Eugster was a longtime SIPA member from Switzerland where he published a newsletter on dentistry. He was a smart, delightful gentleman and very funny. I once had the misfortune of following him on a lunchtime panel at SIPA Annual where he completely upstaged me, and everyone else on the panel… He truly was a delightful and impressive man, who enriched many lives.  I’m sorry to hear he’s left us.” Dr. Eugster restarted a career in rowing at age 63, took up body building at 87 and sprinting at 95. When he died, he held many British track records for his age group. During his career as a master rower, he won an incredible 40 Gold Medals for World Master ...