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A Publisher Decides to Go All in on Membership - and Listening

I've written before about publishers offering membership options to their subscribers. The Atlantic made headlines recently by offering $120 memberships, saying thousands joined. LinkedIn first added "insights" to their Premium membership and then peer benchmarking. For $33 a month, Digiday+ offers "premium content, original research and intimate events."


12 Lessons From Publisher's Profitable New Initiative

One particular takeaway of a BIMS session on retention given by Liz Slovenkay, membership director for insideARM—a publisher in the debt collection field—had me nodding in firm agreement. Slovenkay found that a member in their Compliance Professionals Forum hadn't been placed in a peer group for six months, obviously hurting renewal chances.


Uncover Hidden Benefits and Value for Customers Through a Membership Model

“What would be different if you thought about [your subscribers] as members?” Robbie Kellman Baxter—author of the best-selling The Membership Economy and a keynote at the upcoming BIMS conference—asked in her SIPA webinar on Sept. 30. (Archived here for members.) “‘What else can we do for them?’ They’re subscribing to this specialized content so they have this core need. What additional value can you provide?”