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How a Publisher Achieved a 540% Increase in Conversions

Sometimes, machine learning can sound pretty high tech. But in a post on their blog, Schibsted Media Group—a company headquartered in Oslo that does business in 22 countries—makes a clear case for it. They used machine learning to develop a more targeted group for subscriptions and increased their telemarketing conversion rates by 540%, winning first prize for "Best Use of Data Analytics" at INMA World Congress 2017. (The photo is from a previous award win.)


Success in Telesales Does Not Come to the Timid or Data Uninformed

Make sure [your sales people] ask for what they're calling about," said Christina Karabetsos, executive vice president, QCSS, Inc, a telesales and solutions company. "I don't know how many times I've met with sales teams, and they don't ask for what they came for! I can't express that enough. They're scared to get rejected. Guess what? We get rejected 49 times, but that 50th time..."