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Welcome, Inform, Monitor and Target to Ensure Onboarding Success

"The first 30 days of our relationship with a subscriber is crucial as this is when churn is at its highest. Subscribers are figuring out how they want to use our products and how the different platforms fit their lifestyle and add value to their day. Therefore, we must make quick and tactical work of the time we have to lay out the best welcome mat and create a Globe habit in the daily routines of new subscribers."


8 Retention Strategies From Publishers Small and Large

I just decided not to renew a certain subscription that I had to a cultural institution. In their last letter to me, they said here's what you'll be missing and listed a few benefits. That makes sense—I recall Jim Sinkinson telling us to remind subscribers of what they would be losing if they don't renew. "Great renewal copy threatens a loss—of security, well-being, opportunity, or all three."


10 Ways to Successfully Onboard Your Customers

In a clever article titled How to Lose a Member in 10 Days on the MemberSuite site, marketing manager Kelli Eidson wrote, "Day Two: Have a lackluster welcome strategy. It is critical to personalizing the member's experience right off the bat and making them aware of their benefits. A good welcome packet will have everything a member needs to engage with [you]... Without it, they're likely to churn."