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Reminder That B2B Can Be Awesome: Senator Credits IndustryDive Video With Changing His Vote

Senator Joe Manchin recently told Politico that he changed his mind to vote against the confirmation of Bernard McNamee, President Trump’s nominee for the Federal Energy Commission after viewing a video obtained by IndustryDive that showed McNamee sharply criticizing renewable energy and environmental groups while calling for a unified campaign to support fossil fuels.


SourceMedia's Rob Blackwell Wins 2017 Tim White Award for Editorial Integrity

Connectiv has awarded Rob Blackwell, Washington bureau chief for Sourcemedia's American Banker, the 2017 Timothy White Award for Editorial Integrity, which recognizes exemplary leadership in the face of challenges and pressures that editors face daily. It is given to an editor whose work displays extraordinary courage, integrity and passion. The award is named after the longtime Billboard editor who served as the moral compass of the music industry by tackling controversial issues until he passed away in 2002.