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Lead Scoring Primer: How BVR Boosted Qualified Leads by 260%

The days of batch and blast are over. Today’s marketing efforts require a targeted approach that understands the behavior of you customer, what they want and soon, what they will do next. “The marketing game has changed dramatically,” said Tom Pines, CEO at Real Magnet. “We’ve gone from batch and blast to a much more sophisticated way to do things. The main driver is the flood of e-mails being sent. Everyone is overwhelmed. Now it’s all about relevancy, segmentation and targeting. Marketing is currently moving from marketing segmentation to marketing automation. The next phase will be predictive—looking at your data and start making recommendations for you.”


10 Subject Line Tips from 2 Places That See It Every Day

At the end of a good post on subject lines, Real Magnet writes that, “What all of these tactics have in common is that they do not rely on tricks or gimmicks to compel an open.” They advise that you respect your subscribers’ time, show some empathy and communicate candidly and clearly.