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SIIA’s TechChats: 2017 Company CODiE Winner | Start-Up Company of The Year – Ambra Health

SIIA’s TechChats provides a look into some of the most successful executives in our industry. Hear how many of them got to where they are today, what is shaping their businesses and the industry today, and special advice they would give to others trying to grow a successful company.


Driving Technology Subscription Adoption: Four Key Lessons from the Healthcare Industry

For technology companies that employ a subscription-based business model, sustained product adoption by customers is vital to long-term success. While many new operational capabilities have been developed to drive consumption, including the rapidly growing Customer Success discipline, many firms struggle to achieve desired adoption and retention levels in a sustained, profitable way. As companies look for methods and strategies to address this challenge, there are four practices from the healthcare industry’s approach to treating chronic illness that have applicability to tech adoption:


Behind HIMSS' New Content Marketing Machine: Avoiding the Perils of 'Random Acts of Content'

Content marketing--—both the creation of content for clients as well as advising clients on their content strategies--—is a business in the “tens of millions of dollars” for HIMSS, the Healthcare Information & Management Society. Last week HIMSS announced the launch of its Media Lab, designed to help healthcare technology marketers crack the code on content marketing through distinct data insights into user behavior, purchase intent and even emotional response.