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Monetizing Your Archives Just Takes Some Strategy

"Beyond including it in our subscription, one of our most successful approaches for generating revenue from HBR's archive has been curating it in book form, creating a-la-carteproducts available to consumers who aren't necessarily subscribers (but often are). Our 'branded lines' team now publishes 10+ books per year in a number of different series. Each series offers up our archive content for adifferent purpose orreader." —Ania Wieckowski, senior editor of Branded Lines, Harvard Business Review, in a Q&A in Folio:


Two Publishers Monetize Their Archived Content

"For every search done on our platform, we create customized filters to help you better understand what companies and institutions are being mentioned, what related keywords appear most often, the different regions the content originates from, etc. Instead of needing to dig through results and ultimately play a guessing game at what you'll find, we tell you."